We were so glad to welcome Former Ballet West Demi-Soloist Joshua Whitehead back to the Ballet West studios recently to rehearse his ballet Fever Dream, which premieres as part of our Firebird triple-bill in November alongside Christensen's The Firebird and Balanchine's Stars and Stripes.

"There's a unique magic felt when I step into the ballet studio of a company that feels like a family," Whitehead said. "Each rehearsal feels like a homecoming, where every dancer contributes to the collective artistry. Choreographing on friends can be both a rewarding and intricate journey. However, it also presents a unique set of challenges. The line between personal and professional can blur, as we navigate the delicate balance of giving constructive feedback while preserving our friendship.

"Despite these challenges, the opportunity to create something meaningful with the people I hold dear is a rare and beautiful privilege—one that not only strengthens the connection between friends but also elevates the art of dance.

"These are moments that I will never forget, and I am forever grateful for the privilege of working, choreographing, and returning to a ballet family that feels like home."

We can't wait to see Fever Dream on the Capitol Theatre stage, Josh!