Michael-Scolamiero-b32dc6a58e.jpegMichael Scolamiero

Executive Director, Ballet West, The Elizabeth Solomon Executive Director Chair

Michael Scolamiero joined Ballet West after an extensive international search led by Michael Kaiser, President Emeritus of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.  Mr. Scolamiero previously served as Executive Director of Miami City Ballet for three years, during which time the organization achieved a significant reduction in debt, as well as robust growth in ticket revenue, contributions, and touring income. Prior to Miami City Ballet, Mr. Scolamiero was Pennsylvania Ballet’s Executive Director for 17 years, the longest tenure in the Company’s history and among the longest of any leader of a major ballet company. During his tenure, Mr. Scolamiero led the organization’s first capital campaign that raised $11.9 million (against a $10 million goal) to build an endowment and fund repertoire expansion. At Ballet West, Mr. Scolamiero has played a key role in transforming the organization’s financial health.  No longer using external financing to meet cash needs, Ballet West’s balance sheet is strong after realizing operating surpluses for three consecutive fiscal years. Mr. Scolamiero is currently working with the Board and management on a new strategic plan that will serve as a blueprint for Ballet West’s aspirations as the organization enters its 60th season and beyond.   

Administration and Finance

  • Liz Crawford:  Chief Financial Officer
  • Misha Eady-Harbold:  Director Of Company Management And Touring
  • Felicia Cowan:  Director Of Human Resources
  • Victoria Rodriguez:  Executive Assistant and Board Liaison
  • Jennifer Bailey:  Senior Accounting Manager
  • Sophia Ashaboglu:  Accounting Coordinator

External Affairs

  • Andrew Goldberg:  Senior Director, External Affairs
  • Dana Rimington:  Director of Communications and Publications
  • Angela Krull:  Director Of Major Gifts And Corporate Sponsorships
  • Jessica Magelsen:  Foundations And Government Giving Manager
  • Amy O'Connor:  Annual Giving Manager
  • Mika Seltenrich:  Marketing and Revenue Manager
  • Lisa Jensen:  Retail Sales And Boutique Manager
  • Beau Pearson:  Company Photographer And Videographer
  • Sierra Masuda:  External Affairs Database Coordinator
  • Matthew Barrett:  Graphic Designer
  • Deanna Richardson:  Project Manager, External Affairs
  • Zoe Little:  Manager Special Events & Benefits 
  • Victoria Rimington: Digital Marketing Coordinator

Frederick Q. Lawson Ballet West Academy

  • Adam Sklute:  Artistic Director, Ballet West
  • Evelyn Cisneros-Legate:  Director, Ballet West Academy
  • Sarah Taylor:  Director Of Business Operations, Ballet West Academy
  • Allison Debona:  Principal, Peggy Bergmann Park City Campus
  • Katherine Lawrence:  Principal, Jessie Eccles Quinney Ballet Centre And Trolley Corners Campuses
  • Heather Thackeray:  Principal, Frederick Quinney Lawson Utah Campus
  • Eunice Stafford:  Associate Principal, Trolley Corners Campus
  • Catherine Batcheller:  Principal Faculty And Artistic Engagement Coordinator
  • Stacey Mahan:  Principal Faculty And Associate Director Of Curriculum
  • Jeffrey Rogers:  Principal Faculty And Director Of Academy Men’s Program
  • James Payne:  Principal Faculty And Trainee Coordinator
  • Jessica Baynes:  Full-time Faculty And Costume Coordinator
  • Jordan Debona:  Summer Intensive Coordinator
  • Jennifer Hildreth:  Senior Academy Operations Manager
  • Courtney Hellebuyck:  Student Rehearsal Director & Academy Artistic Liaison
  • Jenny Lowell:  Trolley Corners Campus Operations Manager
  • Hannah Lowell:  Administrative Assistant
  • Sasha Lowell:  Administrative Assistant
  • Kendra Rangel:  Administrative Assistant


  • Samantha Abrahamson
  • Katlyn Addison
  • Halie Bahr
  • Silver Barkes
  • Hannah Brandt
  • Jazz Bynum
  • Bruce Caldwell
  • Silas Campos
  • Dantzel Cherry
  • Nanette Reimschussel Chertudi
  • Jordan Debona
  • Natalie Desch
  • Hadriel Diniz
  • Jennifer Fjeldsted
  • Adrian Fry
  • Samantha Gomm
  • Tyler Gum
  • Jake Hancock
  • Kimberly Hansen
  • Jenna Rae Herrera
  • Lisa Hoyt
  • Chelsea Keefer
  • Vera Kotova
  • Lindsey Larsen
  • Deborah Latimer
  • Stephen Legate
  • Vinicius Lima
  • Amber Miller
  • Jaiden Morley
  • Bridget Payne
  • Kendra Rangel
  • Ashleigh Richardson
  • Pamela Robinson
  • Rylee Ann Rogers
  • Autumn Ryskoski
  • Samira Saeed
  • Maryann Schaefer
  • Justine Sheedy-Kramer
  • Heidi Slagle
  • Connie Smith
  • Kramer Snead
  • Stefanie Spiece
  • Kristen Stringham
  • Scout Sutton
  • Jessica Thompson
  • Rex Tilton
  • Jordan Veit
  • Kristina Weimer
  • Elizabeth Weldon
  • Bashaun Williams
  • Hannah Argyle
  • Hannah Willis
  • Claire Wilson
  • Jane Wood
  • Nichele Woods


  • Max Hall
  • Lisa Haddon
  • Jim Keummerle
  • Sarah Lund
  • Brian Pappal
  • John Rukavina
  • Kimball Whitaker
  • Nicholas Maughan
  • Penelope Brown
  • Nicholas Maughan
  • Lisa Haddon
  • Jim Kuemmerle
  • Sarah Lund
  • Brian Pappal
  • John Rukavina
  • Kimball Whitaker

Maggie Wright-Tesch: U of U/BW Joint Trainee Liaison

Education and Outreach

  • Peter Christie:  Director Of Education And Outreach
  • Dana Rossi:  Education Associate/assistant Director, I Can Do
  • Heather Fryxell:  Associate Director, Adaptive Dance
  • Shelly Cordova:  Assistant Director, Senior Steps/forward Steps
  • Silas Campos:  Manager, Education And Outreach Virtual And Technology Programs


  • Shelly Cordova
  • Ashley Creek
  • Lauren Devall
  • Audrey Dodd
  • Karen Dodge
  • Jennifer Heighton
  • Wendee Fiedeley-mcculloch
  • Moises Prospero
  • Nanette Reimschussel-chertudi
  • Anne Marie Smith
  • Elease Stice
  • Alicia Trump
  • Ashlee Vilos
  • Hannah Willis
  • Trisha Wilstead

Patron Services

  • Jack E. Stahl:  Associate Director Of Technology And Ticketing
  • Natalie Thorpe:  Senior Manager Of Patron Services
  • Jane Harris: Patron Services and Group Sales Lead Advisor 
  • Brooke Christensen:  Assistant Manager Of Patron Services

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Ballet West is an American Guild of Musical Artists (AGMA) Company. Ballet West is an American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Company.

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