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I CAN DO is an engaging dance education program for fifth-grade students. An acronym for "Inspiring Children About Not Dropping Out," provides hands-on dance experiences along with year-end performance opportunities which align with Utah State Board of Education core curriculum standards, life skills, and career and college readiness concepts.

Over a six-month period, the program offers lessons that encompass moving, investigating, creating, connecting concepts, and essential life skills. This approach not only supports academic growth but also establishes fundamental life skills. The initiative aligns with Utah State Board of Education's strategies for equitable education and academic success.

Led by experienced dance faculty, weekly hour-long classes take place within selected schools. The program is inclusive, welcoming all fifth-grade students regardless of ability. It also offers further dance education for interested students through the Dream Team (grade sixth-ninth), enhancing their skills through extracurricular classes.

Students present their accomplishments in a year-end performance, showcasing collaboration, core standards, and life skills. This polished performance results from dedicated preparation. Additionally, a condensed version of the program has been introduced in multiple schools, along with a one-touch workshop based on its principles. The initiative not only nurtures dance skills but also fosters essential life skills and collaborative learning.

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