Ballet West for Children is an elementary school lecture demonstration that introduces the art of ballet while addressing core curriculum and life skills. A group of Ballet West II dancers and a narrator tour to present "Ballet and The Sleeping Beauty." This 50-minute in-school session includes a lecture, demonstration, and condensed Sleeping Beauty performance.

Beforehand, teachers receive an email study guide with ballet info, etiquette, glossary, illustrations, bibliography, and Sleeping Beauty specifics. Guides also include projects for Utah State Core Curriculum integration. A post-performance questionnaire lets students respond through words and drawings.

Ballet West offers "Getting the Pointé" workshops for teachers and students, either in-person or via Zoom. These workshops, held before or after the demonstration, boost confidence and integration skills. They're custom-designed to enhance classroom impact and student experiences.

The small touring group travels throughout the state and targets to perform free of charge to students and faculty at each Utah public elementary school every five to six years. This rotation allows all elementary school children in Utah to experience at least one Ballet West presentation during his or her grade school years.

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Virtual Learning: Ballet West for Children

Ballet West is pleased to offer Virtual Learning opportunities of our lecture demonstration: Ballet West for Children- Sleeping Beauty for Students and Teachers along with our online Getting the Pointe workshops, to access in the comfort of your own space. We are able to offer these programs with the assistance of The Utah State Board of Education’s POPS program in conjunction with funding and assistance through CARES act funding through the Utah Education and Telehealth Network/Reimagine Teaching.

These offerings are reserved for Teachers and their students exclusively and not the general public. For more information and passwords to access our password protected offerings, please contact Ballet West at

For more information, please contact Ballet West at 801-869-6911 or at