Ballet West recently received a lovely testimonial from one of our Academy Parents. Thank you so much for your kind words, Marion! Check out a few highlights from her note, below, and see the full version on our website.


Like many parents who never went through the process of becoming professional ballet dancers, my husband Tim and I started to read everything we could when our kids became serious about dance. I joined Facebook groups, asked our local teachers, and followed ballet blogs.

Ballet West became our top choice summer intensive for many reasons. It was closer to home than some, our local dance teacher recommended we try out, and we were impressed with the men’s program.

My son Joel felt right at home the second he arrived. He was challenged by the other men in his class who knew moves he never had the opportunity to learn at our small studio. He was impressed with how much more he could learn about the art form and was inspired to become the best dancer he could be. He wanted to join the year-round program that year, but we weren’t sure about sending away our sixteen-year-old . . .

. . . Joel’s first year has been life-changing. He has grown as a dancer through stronger technique and artistry. Ballet West has taken him from training that is better suited for female dancers, to understanding how the male body works within the art form. His previous dance training was ballet-focused, but Ballet West provides a well-rounded education that includes flamenco, jazz, character, and contemporary . . .

. . . Ballet West and Ballet West Academy are filled with supportive staff and teachers. Everything about the experience has been above and beyond what we thought could be possible.

Thank you for all the opportunities this program provides.


Marion Ruybalid

Joel, Ellianna, and Dominic Ruybalid's mom