Ballet West Soloist Brian Waldrep began his dancing career in Irish step dancing at age seven when his mom signed him up for classes. At the same time, he participated in baseball, swimming, and basketball. At eight-years-old, Waldrep started taking ballet classes, which later led him to a year-round program at the North Carolina School of the Arts in eighth grade. He was then recruited to join ABT II after his junior year in high school.

In 2007, he began his professional career with American Ballet Theatre’s studio company in New York City. He subsequently danced for the Houston Ballet, Ballet Nacional de Sodre in Montevideo, Uruguay, and the Nashville Ballet before joining Ballet West in 2022.

After dancing with ballet companies from across the world, Waldrep brings a unique set of skills to Ballet West. “There’s a wide variety of techniques practiced across the ballet world and each company had its own style,” said Waldrep. “At Ballet West, I really enjoy the repertoire that we dance because it’s varied, yet leans on the classical side, which I prefer.”

When explaining what the audience can experience at the ballet, he says “If it’s an emotional ballet, there is some introspection on the audience part. The goal is to make people reflect on their own experiences while they watch your character’s experience. If it’s less of a story ballet, we aim to motivate people on the athleticism of ballet dancers.” Follow Brian on Instagram @brain.waldrep.