For 25 Years, Dana Rossi has been a part of Ballet West’s I CAN DO Program, which provides dance instruction for fifth-grade students across several school districts in the Salt Lake area. The free program stands for Inspiring Children About Not Dropping Out, giving students the chance to learn creative choreography set to a variety of music selections.

Reflecting on her experience, every year is a highlight, she says, especially seeing every child shine and exceed all expectations of success. Why has she stayed for a quarter century? “I feel like this is my calling. I see the positive impact it has on students and the community and it brings me immense joy.”

Rossi has also seen how much the program helps students on several levels. “First, studies show the value of the arts in education - from improved academic skills to improved social and emotional skills,” said Rossi. “Second, art for art's sake, to explore, create, and share art. Lastly, I CAN DO is important for students through the community because of the sense of belonging it offers, the opportunity it provides for safely taking risks, and a sense of accomplishment every child feels when they have the chance to shine.”