As Ballet West celebrates 60 years, one family shares how four generations have been season subscribers, dating back to the Company’s first years at the University of Utah. Linda Scholl’s great-grandmother had season tickets when performances began at Kingsbury Hall. Then, her grandmother took over the seats, followed by Scholl’s mother, and now, decades later, the tradition continues with Scholl.

“The very first time I attended, Ballet West did Swan Lake, and I remember being lucky enough to be my mom’s partner,” said Scholl. “I absolutely loved the ballet growing up. It’s an art that’s living and breathing in how its performed.”

She continues subscribing because of the new productions Ballet West brings each season, in addition to reliving the classics.

“Our love of music and the arts is that it brings back memories, we find new things we love, and we can relate to the people on stage,” said Scholl. “It’s an art form that should be shared with everybody and the only way to share is by actively participating in it. Ballet West is an outstanding company that has continued through the generations.”

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Linda!