Anita Siegel Luck danced with Ballet West from 1976 until 1983, including the role of Tsarevna in The Firebird.

“It was so fun dancing the role of the Tsarevna in Mr C’s Firebird,” said Luck. “The music is so expressive and so is the choreography. I loved to dance roles in which I could act. I was in the corps de ballet, but my partners, John Hiatt and Bruce Caldwell (who is still at Ballet West as a Rehearsal Director) were principals, and were so kind and supportive. Just as Prince Ivan puts the Tsarevna at ease, John & Bruce did the same for me.”

“With their fantastic partnering I could really get into the Princess who was trapped in the evil Koschei’s garden with her princess-friends,” she continues. “When Prince Ivan arrives, she hardly knows what to make of him, and is very shy. Slowly they begin to fall in love. All of this is clear in the choreography. Thank you, Mr. C, and all the people I danced with for the great memories!”

Since retiring from the stage, she is still helping others in a new role as a Functional Movement Specialist and Fellow of Applied Functional Science for people over 50 and those with Parkinson’s Disease.