2014-2015 Student Registration

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I hereby request that Ballet West allow my (son, daughter, ward hereby referred to as student) to register and fully participate in the Ballet West Academy.   I have read and agree to abide by the Ballet West Academy policies and procedures.  I understand that my student cannot participate unless tuition is paid in full, and no refunds will be awarded after the first day of class.  The Ballet West Academy reserves the right to dismiss students from class for inappropriate behavior.

 If my child is chosen to dance in a Ballet West production, they have my permission to participate. 

I hereby give Ballet West permission to use my child’s name and image for any and all purposes including but not limited to, archival, exploitation, marketing, performance, rehearsal, teaching, sales, lease and distribution through and by all means or technical processes now known or later devised in perpetuity throughout the universe.

By registering for classes you agree to the following:

  • I hereby state that the student (name listed above) is in good health and physical condition and is capable of participation in this program. I understand that the Ballet West Academy has the right to deny admittance to any student not meeting the standards of the program as it sees fit. I understand that he/she will be dancing at an appropriate level with the expectations of training time per day as listed in the class schedule with additional rehearsal hours as needed.
  • I attest that he/she is prompt, dependable, attentive and cooperative.
  • I also agree that I will not hold the Ballet West Academy, Ballet West, or any faculty member of employee liable for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted while he/she is a student at the Ballet West Academy. I also agree not to hold these parties responsible in the event that my son/daughter engages in inappropriate conduct or becomes involved in any activity or with any persons not associated with the Ballet West Academy or its scheduled program and that Ballet West Academy has the right to send him/her home for inappropriate conduct. I further attest that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of knowledge. In addition, I have read the policy and fee statement and agree to comply.