Shoe-In 2010

“Here’s a sneak peek at the 2010 entries for Shoe-In that debuted in the lobby of the Capitol Theater during the run of Swan Lake. This year we received shoes that were done in a wide range of mediums like polymer clay, wood, and glass– as well as photography and a video installation. It’s an exciting collection of work and really pushed the boundaries (while raising the “barre”). We are also happy to feature Shoe-In entries from VAI, the Visual Art Institute. These are paintings done by students from grade school up using the ballet shoes themselves as brushes. All Shoe-In entries are on sale (two have already sold!) and will be on view again during the run of Balanchine’s America. All proceeds go to Ballet West. Shoe-In is sponsored by the Ballet West Ambassadors.

Heather Campbell

Sallie Shatz

Kalie Mellus

Bobbi Lewis

Lenka Konpasek

Kevin Frazier

Visual Art Institute

Jenny Sandberg

John Espinoza

Visual Art Institute

Sarinda Jones

For Christopher Renstrom


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