Ballet West 2 Performs at Pioneer Park!

In a presentation by Ballet West and the Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance, Ballet West 2 performed at Pioneer Park’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday, September 27th.

Farmer's Market Banner

Specially constructed stage.Declan from Blue Sky Media

A special stage constructed for this event by Declan of Blue Sky Media.

David from Downtown AllianceKristin and Kim of Downtown Alliance

David, Kristin and Kim of Downtown Alliance.

Floor Set Up Laying the floor.

Nick and Maggie supervise laying of the floor.

Tights and BootsJeannie, Johann, Willa Kim, David and Adam.

Alex wore boots.                                 Jeannie, Johann, Designer Willa Kim, David and Adam.

 A ballet fan.Bruce and Chloe

A little Ballerina in the audience.            Premiere Danseur Bruce and beautiful daughter Zoe.

Dane, Whitney, Jenna and LinsdseySarah and Stephen.

Dane, Whitney, Jenna and Lindsay.                                          Sarah and Stephen.

AlexJenna and Alex

Alex as the Prince.                                                    Jenna and Alex as Aurora and the Prince.


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