Curtain Up 08

At the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 7pm on September 8th the curtain rose on Ballet West’s second annual “Curtain Up”.  This is a free event in which Artistic Director Adam Sklute gives the public a preview of the upcoming season and also a peek at the work of the candidates for “Innovations”.

Curtain Up Program

Adam Sklute spoke so eloquently about the works that Ballet West will present this season I felt as though I could see them all in that very moment! Bruce Caldwell prepared two video presentations and Ballet West 2 performed remarkably for a group of ten dancers that had assembled only four weeks prior to the event.  The choreographic candidates, each interviewed by Mr. Sklute were:  Emily Adams, Peter Christie, Megan Furse, Jason Linsley, Thomas Mattingly and Pamela Robinson-Harris.  Adam Sklute promised to reveal his picks very soon.

Curtain Up Invitation


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