Time To Innovate

The atmosphere in the studios this time of season is always different than the rest of the year at Ballet West.  In some ways everybody is more relaxed, not worrying so much about technique and enjoying different movement qualities since the ballets in Innovations tend to be contemporary.  A few others may be freaking out because they only have a few hours to choreograph a new ballet (I don’t blame them).  Innovations rehearsals also tend to make our bodies extremely sore because we work our tails off.  For the most part, Innovations is a really nice time us dancers get to express ourselves with our bodies in our own way.  The weather change probably adds to people being a little bit more happy too.

This season’s picked choreographers are first time choreographer, Adrian Fry; second time choreographer, Christopher Anderson; and second time choreographer, Easton Smith.  The evening’s bookend ballets will be Christopher Ruud’s Trapped and a new work by Jodie Gates.  I think this program is always a real treat for the audience since we perform at the Rose Wagner Theater; patrons get a chance to be up close and personal with us no matter where they are sitting.

My days have been full so I haven’t been able to click my camera as much as I’d like, though I got a few pics while I took breathers from rehearsals.

Emily Adams & Trevor Naumann working on Christopher Ruud’s TRAPPED
Christopher Ruud working with Joshua Whitehead
Christopher Ruud working with Emily Adams & Trevor Naumann
Christiana Bennet & Chase O’Connell in Christopher Anderson’s rehearsal
Christopher Anderson working with Emily Adams, Christiana Bennett & Chase O’Connell
Jacqueline Straughan & Adrian Fry working on Jodie Gates’ new ballet


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  1. Looking good! Congrats on the company promotions, by the way, and best of luck to those who are departing.

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