Aladdin Pics

Yesterday morning Ballet West II and the Ballet West Academy performed Aladdin for the last time this season.  The tag team duo of Pamela Robinson Harris and Peggy Dolkas proved themselves as top notch choreographers for the second year in a row.  I’m always impressed by how well Pamela and Peggy are able to incorporate so many dancers into their ballets, creating very full and lively stages.  The stories are well portrayed and there is never a dull moment.  I also really love how there is a diverse cast of characters in Robinson Harris and Dolkas’ ballets, not only for entertainment purposes but because there are many opportunities for the dancers.  Aladdin entertained and impressed me this year, just as The Little Mermaid did last year.  An anonymous patron said that they had never seen a room full of children so quiet (except when something was funny).  I would say that’s a huge compliment to the choreographers!  Below are photos I took in the wings during the Tuesday evening show.

Emily Liu as an Odalisque
Logan Martin as The Snake Charmer
Logan Martin as The Snake Charmer with his snake, Cobra, danced by Scout Sutton
Mercedes Rice as an Odalisque
Jordan Veit as Aladdin with his monkey, Malik, danced by Kennedy Stapley
Matthew Cunningham as a Guard
Jordan Veit as Aladdin, Lauren Zaharis as Aladdin’s Mother & Kennedy Stapley as Malik
Paige Adams as an Odalisque
Ian Tanzer as The Sorcerer
Kennedy Stapley
Lauren Zaharis, Kennedy Stapley & Jordan Veit
Kazlyn Nielsen as Princess Kalila & Jordan Veit as Aladdin
Kazlyn Nielsen
Ian Tanzer
Kazlyn Nielsen & Jordan Veit
Zachary Prentice as The Sultan
Ian Tanzer & company
Jordan Veit with Bronwyn Marshall as The Little Genie & Chase O’Connell as The Big Genie
Deanna Karlheim & Alex Cambie as Hajar, The Sorcerer’s camel
Kazlyn Nielsen, Jordan Veit & Ian Tanzer


2 thoughts on “Aladdin Pics”

  1. Thank you for posting these amazing pictures!
    They are an absolute joy to watch.
    I was looking for some pictures of dancers to paint and with this blog I have much choice. :)
    Keep up the good work!

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