Jewels Shines

The first week of Balanchine’s Jewels was a blast to perform.  Dancing Diamonds is such a privilege and Emeralds feels like second nature.  I don’t get to dance in Rubies but I really enjoy watching the company perform the sassy ballet.  Emeralds, Rubies and Diamonds compliment each other so well as an evening of dance (somewhere Balanchine is saying, “duh”).  This program has definitely been one of my favorites I’ve performed with Ballet West.

A patron, who goes by the name Beth attends all of Ballet West’s programs and always leaves a comment about the shows here on the blog.  Recently she wrote: “I’m fresh from opening night of Jewels, and it was spectacular!  Once again, Emeralds was lovely, but it was the other two sections that particularly caught my attention.  I find myself at a loss over which pair of partners to praise higher, Tom and Beckanne in Rubies, or Beau and Christiana in Diamonds.  While Rubies overall was a thrill ride from beginning to end, utterly entertaining, it was Tom and Beckanne who owned that portion of the show.  They were electrifying.  But I have to say that it was Diamonds that stole my heart. I’ve never seen so many dancers on the stage at one time, and that was fascinating and beautiful.  And not only were the two leads amazing *throughout* the performance, but Christiana’s and your dance alone together on stage, Beau, was one of the most mesmerizing things I’ve ever seen in a ballet.  It was absolutely stunning.  I count myself lucky to have seen this performance tonight.”

First of all, Beth, I really appreciate your praise as always; your support is never less than amazing.  You said you count yourself lucky to have seen the performance.  Well, I wanted to tell you that I feel lucky to be able to dance this program and share it with everyone.  Jewels, especially Diamonds, fulfills my passion for dance and I feel so fortunate I am able to do what I love on that stage.  Beth, I’m not very good at expressing my joy for this art form with words on the blog, but I hope you can see my love for ballet when I’m dancing on stage; I hang it all out under those lights.

Heather Hayes of the Deseret News came to the Saturday evening performance and wrote a nice review that can be read here.

Below are some pictures of Rubies I took during my down time from a dress rehearsal and performance.

Jacqueline Straughan & Christopher Sellars
Joshua Whitehead
Jacqueline Straughan & Christopher Sellars
Elizabeth McGrath
Jacqueline Straughan & Christopher Sellars
Beckanne Sisk, Sarah Hochman, Arolyn Williams & Katie Critchlow
Jacqueline Straughan
Elizabeth McGrath with Alexander MacFarlan, Owen Gaj, Joshua Whitehead & Jordan Veit

OH!  By the way, I went to this evenings performance of the family series Aladdin.  I was really impressed and entertained.  If I had a hat on, I would tip it off to Pamela Robinson Harris and Peggy Dolkas.  Nice job!


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  1. Wow, I didn’t expect to find a personal shout-out when I visited the blog today. Thank you. 😀

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