Busy As Always

Posting about how busy we are here at Ballet West is becoming a bit repetitive, however, every week of this season has been nonstop for the dancers (and staff).  This last week Elena Kunikova was back in the studios, coaching the dancers on Paquita for the New York tour (Fall For Dance).  Elena also taught selections from Paquita to our trainee girls.  Elena is the type of person you want around all the time.  Her spirit is uplifting and her coaching always leaves our dancers looking more refined.  Click here to view a previous post on Elena.

Nicolo Fonte

Our new resident choreographer, Nicolo Fonte, was also in da house this week, cleaning up Bolero.  Working with Nicolo is … How do I put it?  Uuum, Hilarious?  Yeah, that’s it … Hilarious (in a good way).  Nicolo is probably the funniest person I’ve worked with in the studio.  Don’t get me wrong, he works us like crazy.  The dancers are lucky to have someone who is not only extremely fun to work with, but someone who works hard and creates great ballets as well.

Val Caniparoli working with our dancers

Last but certainly never least, Val Caniparoli was also with us, creating his new work, The Lottery.  Val is creating a ballet as eerie and nerve-racking as Shirley Jackson’s short story.  The dancers will pick ballots from the box on stage.  Everyone has to be prepared choreographically and emotionally to be stoned to death.  Nothing is predetermined.  During a rehearsal a few weeks ago, I pulled the mark from the box.  My adrenaline rushed through my body and I really felt the emotion of being singled out.  The feeling was amazing!  Ballet West is so privileged to have this work created on us.


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