Picture Caption Time!

A studio filled with a bunch of ballet dancers around a camera doesn’t always result in pretty, balletic images.  Every now and then I snap a photo displaying how much fun we have aside from dancing.  So, I figured I would send these goofy pictures to the company and ask for a caption to match … hence, “Picture Caption Time!”  Commenters, feel free to add to the fun.

Easton Smith & Michael Bearden

“So Mikey, about being third cast for school shows …” – Easton Smith

Easton (with a lisp): “Do you need a walrus, Mikey?  Please let me play the walrus …”
Mikey: “Wait … do I need a walrus???  Let me think …” – Emily & Paige Adams

“Where did you put those pencils when they left your nose, Easton?” – Pam Robinson

“Typical.” – Allison DeBona

“Don’t show him attention.  Don’t show him attention.” – Ronald Tilton

“Easton on the job, taking notes.” – Rex Tilton

“Ballet Walrus!” – Aidan DeYoung

“Maturity optional.” – Anonymous


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