Opening Night!

This blog entry is coming to everybody from my dressing room.  It’s opening night and I just got off stage performing Drosselmeyer.  I haven’t even taken off my make-up yet!  Ok, that’s a lie, I took off my make-up … And I washed my face.  Anyway, the second act is about to start.  Even though the company has performed in Ogden and special needs shows this week, tonight is when all the magic starts.

During the first act overture, I was waiting in the wings next to the Nephew (Jacob Stewart), a few party kids and two stage hands.  One of the stage hands said, “I’ve been doing this job for twenty three years and opening night still gives me the jitters.”  I liked that she said that because that means that The Nutcracker is still a special ballet.  I think no matter how many times people see this ballet they come back every year because it’s a nice Christmas tradition that adds to the fuzzy feelings you get from the holidays (ok, maybe it’s just me that gets those feelings).  Side note: Companies outside the U.S. perform The Nutcracker at different times in the year as part of their rep.  Some companies perform the ballet in the summer!

The company will be performing The Nutcracker until New Years so I’ll be periodically posting pictures and what not.  I’ve taken some pics from Ogden and last night’s dress rehearsal from the wings.  These photos are taken from the view that the dancers have watching the ballet.

Whitney Huell as the Doll in the Party Scene
The women of Ballet West in the Snow Scene
Madison Young and Christopher Sellars in the Snow Scene
Emily Adams and Ronnie Underwood in Arabian
Elizabeth Weldon, Katlyn Addison, Whitney Huell, Allison DeBona and Sayaka Ohtaki in Mirlitons
Lindsey Duerfeldt, Adrian Fry and Katie Critchlow in Spanish
Party Scene
Lindsey Duerfeldt and Tyler Gum in the Party Scene
The women of Ballet West in the Snow Scene
Sayaka Ohtaki and Aidan DeYoung in Arabian
Alex MacFarlan with the women of Ballet West in Chinese
Ronald Tilton, Trevor Naumann, Ryan Sargent, Owen Gaj and Joshua Whitehead in Russian
Ronald Tilton, Trevor Naumann, Ryan Sargent, Joshua Whitehead and Owen Gaj in Russian
The women of Ballet West in Waltz of the Flowers
Sayaka Ohtaki and Aidan DeYoung in Arabian


7 thoughts on “Opening Night!”

  1. I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the majesty, beauty, and accuity of your photography. And I hope you don’t mind my alliteration. I am so joyed to have renewed my ballet subscription. You are all so talented; my sig. ot. not girlfriend (we’re both 63 for God’s sake) Kathy leave the theater mesmerized and transfixed trying to unscramble memories of your stunning performances. My extended family will share your backstage perspective if rights permit.

  2. Thanks so much for the photography compliments. I’m no pro, but I think it helps to be a dancer to capture dancers (know what I mean?). Also, I’m very glad you and Kathy are enjoying yourselves at the ballet. We’re really grateful for the support from you and all the patrons that come and watch us do what we do.

  3. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your efforts on the blog. Your comments are both informative and lots of fun. I know that it takes some of your valuable time…time that you could use for getting into who knows what kind of trouble…but it is really worthwhile for your readers.

  4. Thanks, John. The blog always takes more time than I anticipate. That’s probably because I’m a little OCD about everything being perfect (at least I try to make it perfect). I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

  5. I appreciate you taking the wonderful photos of dancers. I know it is not always easy to capture the line of dancers just so right. I really enjoy your hard work. Thanks.

  6. Its amazing how people can tell stories through dance. Usually using words dancers can tell stories through the way there body moves. It’s beautiful and magical.

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