‘Tis the Season

Just a quick update on what the company is up to these days.  Last week the company and I had a much needed break after the run of Dracula (Ben Stevenson) and the Gala.  This week we are back rehearsing The Nutcracker.  All the new dancers have to learn all their roles this week because we perform in Ogden next week and then come back to Salt Lake to perform until New Years.  I remember my first year learning the ballet in a week.  I went on stage saying to myself, do I know this ballet?  Twenty shows later I could dance every role in my sleep, of course.  Ballet West veterans get reacquainted with their steps and partners this week and jump out on that stage as if they never stopped performing the ballet last year.

Whenever we get into the Christmas season, people always ask me, do you get bored of The Nutcracker?  The thing about The Nutcracker for me is that, yes, we perform the ballet a lot and yes, the ballet becomes routine.  However, we dance to beautiful music and I love Christmas time.  Our Nutcracker was also recognized as one of the best in the country last year to boot.  The Nutcracker is actually a good time for dancers in the company to get opportunities to dance different and possibly bigger roles than in a ballet that we perform only eight to eleven times.  This year we have seven casts so everybody dances a lot and constantly in different roles.

I took a few pictures of rehearsals today when I got a chance.

Ronnie Underwood with Aidan DeYoung and Aidrian Fry rehearsing Russian
Owen Gaj practicing his lead Russian
Haley and Easton Smith rehearsing the Grande Pas De Deux
Emily Adams rehearsing the Waltz of the Flowers Pas De Deux


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