Roslyn Anderson and Petite Mort

I’m not sure if I’ve experienced a week like this last week here at Ballet West.  So many different parts of my body hurt, they were begging for a restful weekend.  I know, that sounds dramatic, but I also had some of the most fun last week I’ve ever had at Ballet West.  Along with Li Anlin being here and continuing to work on Dracula (Ben Stevenson), Roslyn Anderson has been here the last two weeks working with the company on Petite Mort (Jiri Kylian) for the spring program.  Often, we have to learn a ballet that we will perform later in the season, because of scheduling logistics with the choreographers or guest artists setting a ballet.  Roslyn came to Salt Lake last season to set Sinfonietta (Jiri Kylian) on Ballet West.  Ros, as everyone calls her, is an amazing person to work with; her rehearsal environment is very relaxed and comfortable, yet she gets the job done really well.  The best of both world for the dancers.

Roslyn Anderson and husband Lew

Roslyn Anderson with the company

Mark Goldweber urged me to blog about Petite Mort rehearsals.  I told him that I was reluctant to do so, because I didn’t want to give away anything about the ballet to blog readers.  If a poll was taken by dancers across the world, asking what ballet they would like to do before they retire, trust me, Petite Mort would be on the top of the list.  I’m not really sure how else to put this … the ballet is beyond amazing and we’re so lucky to be performing it this year.  With all that said, maybe everyone understands why I want the ballet to be a total surprise.  Buuuuuut, I guess I’ll put up some pictures Mark and I took.  Yes, those are swords and dresses.  I know, I’m freaking out too … in a good way.

Easton Smith, Michael Bearden and Beau Pearson

Emily Adams, Allison DeBona, Katherine Lawrence, Elizabeth McGrath and Whitney Huell

Katherine Lawrence and Michael Bearden

Katlyn Addison and Christopher Sellars

Christiana Bennett and Beau Pearson

Ballet West dancers



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