Take A Bow!

Dancers Take A Bow

Heather Thackeray, David Kim, Jacqueline Straughan, Christopher Sellars and Allison DeBona

Tonight is closing night of our 08-09 Season.   We want to bid a special adieu to Stephanie Fenz, Jason Chinea, Hua Zhuang and Nathaniel King.  They will be soaring off (they’ll never stop flying!) in a new direction and all of us at Ballet West wish them only the best.

We would love to publish your thoughts about the season and any well wishes you have for the artists of Ballet West on the blog.   Be sure to write and we can’t wait to dance for you in 09-10!



2 thoughts on “Take A Bow!”

  1. No, No, No, not Stephanie, Jason, and Nathaniel. I had assumed, obviously mistakenly, that the four of the five dancers not performing in the Innovations performances were the ones not returning. I will really miss Jason’s dancing. He has a very strong presences on stage. Well, I too wish these dancers to enjoy their new direction.

    So, where were Kira Smith, Elizabeth Murphy, Elizabeth McGrath, and Beau Pearson (not injured again, I hope)? I am trying to remember if Stephanie performed or not and I am thinking she didn’t.

  2. We will all miss them! But it’s very exciting. Each departing artist is going back to school. Kira Smith did perform as did Elizabeth McGrath. Ballet West makes a concerted effort to enable every artist to perform in every program. But INNOVATIONS is a little different because it’s all about new creations. Unfortunately not every dancer can always be cast in this program. Beau Pearson had shoulder surgery and will be back next season. :)

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