The Fierce Fan

Nicolo Fonte is just plain fierce!  He graduated from High School early and did some University study before becoming a professional dancer.  He’s incredibly gifted and his press worldwide has been through the roof!  

In rehearsals when he would be particularly pleased with his collaboration with a dancer or the dancers, he would mimic the balletic fanning motion of Kitri in Don Quixote, indicating fierceness.  So very soon one of our rehearsal fans appeared on his chair at the front of the studio.  He would sometimes pass the fan on to a dancer who was having a particularly fierce moment.

Nicolo with fan.

Nicolo Fonte being fierce.  Michael Bearden sitting to Nicolo’s right.

So it is only fitting that the dancers gave him some beautiful fans as a thank you gift on his last (hopefully not for long) day with the company.

Nicolo's last day.

Nicolo’s gift fans.  Aaron Orlowski looks on.


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