Summer Intensive

about the program


This intensive, pre-professional ballet training program is designed for serious students ages 12-26, who desire individualized instruction.

The Ballet West Academy and the University of Utah, Department of Ballet combine efforts to offer a unique experience unlike any other. The Summer Intensive guides students in their ballet technical skills as well as other dance forms that compliment a ballet artist. Unique to the program is the ability to earn college credits for qualified college students*, as well as the opportunity for advanced dancers to be considered as candidates for Ballet West’s Professional Trainee Division. The program is held at the University of Utah’s beautiful Alice Sheets Marriott Center for Dance and offers unparalleled training by a distinguished staff of Ballet West Academy Instructors, University of Utah instructors, Ballet West Artistic Staff (featuring Artistic Director Adam Sklute), Ballet West dancers and well-known in-state and out-of-state guest teachers. In addition, dorm students enjoy an array of fun weekend activities ranging from swimming to shopping to sightseeing. Our reputation for excellence is reflected in the large number of students who apply and are accepted each year.

For more information please call 801-869-6912 or email

how to apply

Summer intensive students must register and audition to be part of the program. Class placement is based on the technical needs of each student and is determined by the faculty. Any adjustments to class placement will be given during the first week of  the program.

tuition information

Program Deposit due 
within 14 days of acceptance notification
due by April 15, 2015
Tuition Due
Summer Intensive (6 Weeks)
June 22-August 1, 2015
$500 $1,900 $2,400

Please note all deposits are non-refundable.

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student resources

Housing & Meal Plan information

Housing for the summer session will be arranged through Ballet West. Housing rates include a meal plan as well as a transit pass.


                Deposit due 
within 14 days of acceptance notification
due by April 15, 2015
Housing Due
Housing (6 Weeks)
June 22-August 1, 2015
$200 $2,375 $2,575

Please note all deposits are non-refundable.

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Injury Care

Students will have access to Ballet West’s personal Athletic Trainer throughout the program.  All students attending the program are required to pay a $25 injury care and prevention fee.  This fee is due by March 15, 2015.

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Refund Policy

Tuition (less $500 deposit) is refundable prior to April 15, 2015. Tuition is non-refundable after April 15, 2015. Please keep in mind that the study of dance, especially ballet, comes with the risk of injury. Those students who suffer a major and debilitating injury preventing any dancing after full payment of fees but prior to June 15, 2015 may submit a letter of explanation from a licensed physician; at that time, Ballet West Academy/University of Utah Ballet Department will consider a refund of tuition. All requests for refunds must be in writing to . All refunds will be issued after July 31, 2015.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Ballet West and Ballet West Academy Staff and Faculty may determine that some students potential and technique warrant a merit scholarship at the time of audition. These scholarships offers will be included in acceptance notifications.

A limited amount of financial aid is available for the summer program. Awards will be based on potential and financial need. Room and board is not covered by financial aid.  In order to apply for financial aid students must have been accepted into the program as well as secured their place in the program by paying the $500.00 deposit to Ballet West.  

Financial aid eligibility applications must be submitted through School and Student Services by NAIS at  There is a fee associated with this service.  All applicants must successfully complete the application process, including submission of required supporting documentation before they can be considered for aid.  Supporting documents should include uploaded copies of most recent tax documents, as well as letters from both the parent and the student explaining why need is being sought.  Fee waivers are not available and should not be requested.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All financial aid applications and supporting documents must be submitted by March 1, 2015 to be considered for financial aid to be applied to the 2015 Summer Intensive.

Summer Program Orientation

There will be an orientation meeting for the program held at the Marriott Center for Dance on the University of Utah Campus on June 21, 2015 at 6:00 PM. All students are expected to attend the orientation meeting. At the orientation meeting students  will receive information regarding classes, extracurricular activities, rules of the University of Utah, and other information. Parents are encouraged to come. Dancers will see our beautiful facility, meet some of our faculty, have an opportunity to ask questions and meet your fellow students.

Map & Directions

A map of the campus is available at . A search for MCD will show where the Marriott Center for Dance is located. A search for Heritage Center will show where it is located as well. University shuttle service is available to and from the dorm rooms to a shuttle stop Monday-Friday, which is no more than a few minutes walk to the Marriott Center for Dance. The TRAX line will take dancers from the dorms to downtown Salt Lake City.

University Credit

Students may choose to enroll in Continuing Education classes offered through the University of Utah in order to receive university credit for classes taken during the Summer Intensive. Registration forms will be available on campus during the first week of the Summer Intensive. Additional fees (approx. $150 per credit hour) must be paid to the University for these credits. The following classes may be taken for credit: Technique, Pointe & Variations, Men’s Class and Partnering. Depending upon the number of class hours, credit may be available for other classes as well. The University of Utah will accept these credits toward the BFA degree. Other colleges and universities may also accept these credits as transfer credits. Please contact the University of Utah directly for more information.


Guest Faculty

  • René Daveluy
  • Peggy Dolkas
  • Michelle Gifford
  • Anna Lantz
  • Leslie Larsen
  • Peter Merz
  • Peff Modelski
  • Bridget Payne
  • James Payne
  • Peter Stark

Ballet West Artistic Staff

  • Adam Sklute – Ballet West Artistic Director
  • Pamela Robinson – Ballet West Principal Ballet Mistress
  • Jane Wood Smith – Ballet West Ballet Mistress
  • Bruce Caldwell – Ballet West Ballet Master
  • Heather Thackeray – Assistant to the Artistic Director

Ballet West Academy

  • Jan Clark Fugit – Principal Faculty
  • Jeff Rogers – Principal Faculty
  • Cati Snarr – Principal Faculty
  • Nikki Bybee
  • Shelly Cordiva
  • Heather Fryxell
  • Ai Fujii Nelson
  • Jennie Creer King – Principal, The Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation Ballet West Academy at Thanksgiving Point
  • Wilson Domingues
  • Lindsay Folkman
  • Jessica Thompson

University of Utah

  • James Aday – Ballet Department
  • Annie Breneman – Ballet Department
  • Michael Bearden – Ballet Department
  • Maggie Wright Tesch – Ballet Department
  • Calvin Kitten – Ballet Department
  • Sharee Lane – Ballet Faculty, Modern Department

Ballet West Company Dancers

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Kimberly Ballard
  • Sayaka Ohtaki
  • Christopher Sellars
  • Christopher Ruud


  • Women/Girls:
    Pink footed tights, pink ballet slippers, black leotard in style of personal choice. A black chiffon skirt (13 inches) may be used for pointe, variations and repertoire class. Jazz classes require jazz shoes. Any color or style of leotard may be worn in the jazz classes and tight fitting Jazz pants are also allowed. Character classes require a hard soled character shoe or jazz shoe and a longer character skirt may be worn.
  • Men/Boys:
    Black or gray tights, black or white compression style shirt (i.e. UnderArmour), black ballet slippers or white socks with white ballet slippers, dance belt. Black jazz pants may be worn for jazz. Jazz shoes should be worn for character classes.
  • All Dancers:
    • All Dancers must bring a Yoga/Pilates mat for Conditioning and Yoga classes.
    • Please note that hair for All students should be well groomed. Long hair should be secured in place with a bun, french twist or similar forms. Please respect the art form of ballet and do not come to our intensive with extreme hairstyles: i.e. Mohawks, “faux hawks” , funky colors. Hair should be unadorned; no headbands, flowers, ribbons, etc. Jewelry should be limited to stud earrings only. No rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces are allowed in classes.
    • Please do not wear nail polish.

Parent Observation

There is not a session end performance. We do however encourage parents to observe their dancers in classes at the end of their session. Parents of dancers who live locally are invited to observe classes the Monday and Tuesday of the last week of the session the dancer is involved with. Parents of dancers who are from out of town are invited to observe classes the Thursday and Friday of the last week of the session the dancer is involved with. Parents and/or legal guardians are the only people invited to watch. Brothers and sisters, extended family and friends should find other activities for these times. Parents should remember to be respectful of the class setting. Parents are encouraged to bring their own comfortable seating if they do not wish to sit on the floor.


For all students, there will be scheduled extra-curricular activities, which you may wish to attend. Students are responsible for paying for all extra-curricular activities. Particularly for students residing in the dormitory, trips will be planned at local points of interest in Salt Lake City.  Further information will be provided at the orientation meeting.

  • Prepaid Activities: 
    There will be several activities for which students can prepay to attend.  These will be on a first paid first served basis.  No refunds will be issued.  More information will be released soon.
  • Spending Money: 
    We anticipate about $300-$450 to be needed for tickets or admissions to additional optional weekend activities for dorm students.  Any money students wish to spend for purchasing souvenirs, etc. is their own responsibility.  Salt Lake City offers a variety of shops, restaurants and other facilities, which students may wish to visit. Please do not come with travelers checks or personal checks.  We suggest students get a plus system debit card linked to a bank account.  That way parents can add money to the account at home and students can retrieve the money from any of the convenient ATM’s on campus and throughout the valley.  If your student will be purchasing food off campus often they will need money for that as well.
  • Casual Wear: 
    Summers in Salt Lake City tend to be quite warm and dry, with temperatures in the 90s.  Evening may be cooler, with temperatures in the 70s.  Students should bring casual summer clothing and several long-sleeved shirts, pants and a light jacket.
  • Security: 
    Campus police are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; however we recommend that students always travel in groups of three or more.

Class Schedules