Capital Campaign Donors


Naming Gift ($6,000,000)
S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation

Lead Gifts ($2,000,000)
George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation
Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
Janet Q. Lawson Foundation
John and Marcia Price Family Foundation

Principal Gifts ($500,000 - $1,999,999)
Frederick Q. Lawson Foundation

Major Gifts ($150,000 - $499,999)
Lawrence T. Dee and Janet T. Dee Foundation
Meldrum Foundation
Theodore and Elizabeth Schmidt
Utah State Legislature

Pace-Setter Gifts ($45,000 - $149,999)
Anonymous Donors
Erik and Uzo Erlingsson
Florence Gillmor Foundation
Katharine Lamb
Katherine and Ezekiel Dumke, Jr.
Janet Q. Lawson
Thomas and Mary McCarthey
Shari and David Quinney
Rocky Mountain Power
Sue and Walker Wallace
Robert I. Wishnick Foundation

Sustaining Gifts ($15,000 - $44,999)
Anonymous Donors
Judy Brady and Drew Browning
Carol Carter
Jim and Barbara Clark
Hague and Sue Ellis
Jóhann Jacobs and David Heuvel
Matthew B. Ellis Foundation
Robert Kent Foundation
Larry H. Miller
Scott and Sara Nelson
Fritz and Barbara Reed
Rocky Mountain Power
Key Gifts ($10,000 - $14,999)
Anonymous Donors
DiFiore Family
Elaine and Henry Ellis
John C. Jarman
Dan P. Miller
Dinesh and Kalpana Patel Foundation
Clifford S. Reusch, MD.

Cornerstone Gifts ($5,000 - $9,999)
Anonymous Donors
Vilija Avizonis and Greg McComas
Michael and Denise Bégué
E. Lindsay and Carla Carlisle
Paul B. Dorius
Deborah Dobson and Jonas Kåge
Richard Koehn and Sheryl Scott
David E. and Helane B. Leta
Jodi Lippert and Timonthy L. Barr
Katherine Scott
Norman C. and Barbara L. Tanner
Adam Sklute and Christopher Renstrom
Dr. Mina Vaughn Foundation
Carole M. Wood and Darrell Hensleigh

Special Gifts ($1,000 - $4,999)
Anonymous Donors
Stephen and Merribeth Habegger-Anderson
The Arcolio Family
Michael and Jacqueline Bailey
David K. Barber
Kay and Susan Barrell
Frances and Jerome Battle
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bennion
Carolyn and Robert Buma
Chase Associates
Paul and Linda Child
Bruce and Barbara Christensen
Sue D. and Thayer S. Christensen
Peter Christie and Charles Black
James and Geralyn Dreyfous
Rex Falkenrath and Amy Paul
John H.  and Carol W. Firmage, III
Jodie and Kirk Fisher
Robert and Joyce Graham
John Hollerbach
Guy and Carol Kroesche
Malcolm and Ann MacQuoid
Michael S. Marriott and J. Sanchez
Michael Murray and Kathleen McDermott 
Seth Olson and Tonia Stefiuk
Thomas N. Parks
Richard and Lois Peterson
Amberlie Phillips
Scott W. and Nanci O. Pickett
David and Suzanne Razor
The Roake Family
Robert and Nancy Schumacker
Semnani Foundation
Michael Shuping
Students of Ballet West Academy
Toby and Jeffrey Taylor
Teresa Silcox Torrey and Jack Torrey
Lamont and Carol Tyler
US Bancorp Foundation
J. Maximilian Von App
Maysie Watts
Maggie Wright and Dennis Tesch

Supporting Gifts ($500 - $999)
Anonymous Donors
Steve and Beverly Allnatt
Robert Arbogast
Deborah and Byron Barkley
Bernard Bégué
Ginette Bott
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Caldwell
Bill and Amy Cutting
Don and Doris Gale
Pamela J. Robinson-Harris
Carol and Edward Hunter
Patsy and Gregory Reece
Harry and Lisa Rosenthal
Fred and Fran Schwab
Mitchell Selznick
Sarah and Rich West
Reba Ann Wilcox

Friends of the Campaign Gifts ($1 - $499)
Anonymous Donors
Kathy and Wayne Adams
Hans and Martha Ahrens
American Express Foundation
Bené Arnold
Michael  and Victoria Bearden
Nancy Blaney
Brent and Elita Christensen
Michael Andrew Currey and Calvin W. Kitten
Kate C. Crews
Jonathan Crossett and Pascale E. DeRozario
Steven W. Davis
Gregory Dennison
Nancy Farley
Kristin Hakala and Tong Wang
Jolie and Brad Hardy
Tim and Stephanie Harpst
Alison Harvey
Neil and June Henderson
Susan and Richard Holland
Gloria Johnson
Devin Danielle Larsen and Robin G. Larsen
Jason and Kate Linsley
Lara Lockwood
Archer and Ellen Martin
Barbara Neilson
Tucker Nickman
Aaron J. Orlowski
Beatrice C. Parker
Greg R. Presnell
Karlie, Karen, Charlie Primich
Sophia Priolo
Mary and Gary Purk
Nancy Stewart Ramsdell
Marissa Rejali
Jennifer L. Robinson
Jan and Shahab Saeed
Thomas Sawyer
Jane Scott
Nicholas Scott
Ben Selznick
Zack Selznick
Dennis and Annabelle Shrieve
Tani Smihula
Mary Clayton Smith
Steven W. and Sharon S. Snarr
Heather Thackeray
Lynda D. Tobin
Sandra D. Weinstock
G. W. Buzz and Kelly Welch