Ways to Donate


Gifts of Cash

An outright pledge of cash is the simplest method of giving and qualifies for a full charitable deduction. A three-year pledge period has been established for the project, allowing donors to fulfill their pledges in installments.

Gifts of Appreciated Property

Capital assets, including stocks, bonds, securities and real estate, which have appreciated significantly beyond the original purchase price, can also be contributed to the project, creating significant tax benefits. Certain limitations apply, however, and donors are encouraged to consult with advisors about such gifts.

Corporate and Matching Gifts

Owners of closely held corporations could benefit by making a contribution through their company. This avoids possible double taxation of both corporate and personal incomes. Also, many corporations have matching gift programs under which the value of an employee's or director’s (or spouse’s) gift may be multiplied.

Tax Deductibility

While tax benefits are rarely the prime motivation behind a gift, they often enable a donor to give more than would otherwise be possible. All gifts to the Capitol Theatre Project are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law. When considering a major gift to the campaign, however, it is a good idea to discuss options with legal and tax advisors, who can help determine the most advantageous method of giving.

To Make a Gift

Please contact Denise Bégué, Director of Development, at 801-869-6919 or dbegue[at]balletwest.org. For more information, please click here