Advancement and Promotion


Advancement criteria for the Academy is based on the following:

  1. Attendance: Students are expected to attend every class for which they are scheduled. Students or a parent/guardian must report all absences to the Academy office prior to class time. See aforementioned attendance policy. Students who let attendance drop may jeopardize their placement in the Academy and/or jeopardize their scholarship for the year.
  2. Technical skill development in relationship to class level. Included as part of the student’s technical accomplishments are: proper alignment and placement, use of turn-out, physical strength, coordination, classical line, musicality, cleanliness, and clarity of movements and positions, movement quality and performing skills (in class, rehearsals and stage).
  3. Positive attitude: Students must bring to class a positive attitude so they will develop a good working relationship with instructors and other students, showing a willingness to receive corrections and comments from the instructors.
  4. Promotions: Students are promoted on an individual basis. As we develop our curriculum some students might be in the same level for two years. This is normal and does not have a negative connotation. It can be due to age, absences, illness, etc. and will be explained by the instructors. Students will be promoted to a higher level as determined by, and at the sole discretion of the Academy Director and the faculty.
  5. Student evaluations: These are held with faculty, students and parents at the end of the second session.

If a student has been retained in the same level for two years without sufficient progress for promotion, the Academy Director and faculty may make the decision to counsel the student out of the program. For consistency and clarity of ballet training, it is best to remain with one school, therefore, the Academy does not allow for students to train at other schools or with other teachers, except for students that are enrolled in concurrent classes at the University of Utah Ballet Department. The Academy faculty can provide recommendations of schools for training in dance forms not offered by the Academy.