Calvin Kitten


Calvin Kitten joined The Joffrey Ballet in 1992, following one season with The Joffrey II Dancers. He began his dance training at the California Ballet School in San Diego and furthered his training at the Tbilisi, Georgia, with Vacktang Chabukiani and The Joffrey Ballet School in New York.

Mr. Kitten’s repertory with The Joffrey Ballet includes: Apollo (Apollo), Appalachian Spring (Revivalist), Billboards, Caught, The Clowns (Lead Clown), Confetti, Creative Force, Crossing, Dark Elegies (5th Song), Deuce Coupe, Footnotes for RJ, Giselle (Peasant Pas), The Green Table (Profiteer), Italian Suite, Kettenanz, La Vivandiere Pas De Six, Les Patineurs (Boy in Blue), Les Presages (Fate, Temptation Boy), Light Field, Light Rain, Monotones I, Motown Suite, The Nutcracker (Snow Prince, Cavalier), Panoramagram, Parade (Chinese Conjurer), Prodigal Son (Prodigal Son), Romeo & Juliet (Mercutio, Carnival King), Square Dance (Lead), Suite Saint Saëns, The Taming of the Shrew (Lucentio), Tarantella, Tchaikovsky Pas De Deux, Trinity, and Viva Vivaldi.

A remarkably energetic dancer and strong jumper, Mr. Kitten has been described by Chicago Sun Times critic, Hedy Weiss, as “so light, effortless and airborne in his every move that it sometimes seems as if he is suspended from an invisible wire.” The Chicago Tribune’s Lucia Mauro remarked that Mr. Kitten performs “with an air of otherworldliness; his suspended grand jetés dangle him somewhere close to infinity.” Mr. Kitten has received two Ruth Page Awards for his performance of the Chinese Conjurer in The Joffrey's reconstruction of Leonide Massine's Parade and for his portrayal as the title character in George Balanchine’s Prodigal Son. He was featured on the cover of Dance Magazine and was named one of the “25 Dancers to Watch” in 2001.

Aside from performing with The Joffrey, Mr. Kitten is also on the teaching staff at Chicago Ballet Arts and California Ballet School in San Diego.