Artistic Staff



Adam Sklute

Adam Sklute
Artistic Director

Pamela Robinson-Harris
Principal Ballet Mistress
Nicolo Fonte
Resident Choreographer
Bruce Caldwell 
Ballet Master

  Jane Wood-Smith
Ballet Mistress

 Heather Thackeray
Assistant to the Artistic Director

Christopher Sellars
First Soloist
Interim Director of Ballet West II


Terence Kern 
Music Director Emeritus
Jared Oaks
 Associate Conductor/Rehearsal Pianist/Music Librarian

Principal Class / Associate Rehearsal Pianist - Grigoriy Ayrapetov
Rob Wood - Class Pianist

Technical Production

Michael Andrew Currey 
Director of Production and Artistic Operations 

Production Stage Manager - Michael McCulloch
Stage Manager and Shoe Coordinator - Amanda Craig 
Lighting Designer - Nicholas Cavallaro
Head Carpenter and Technical Director - Rob Clifford 
Assistant Carpenter - Joshua Belka
Head Electrician - Bruce Fugit 
Assistant Electrician - David Deutch 
Properties Master - Cory A. Thorell
Heidi Belka - Pyrotechnician
John Cook - Scenic Artist 
The Run of Show Crew - Members I.A.T.S.E. Local 99


Costume Production

David Heuvel 
Costume Production Director

Costume Shop Manager - Cindy Farrimond
Head Stitcher - Barbara Arcolio
Stitchers - Katherine Kimmel, Mary Kay Feicht
Wardrobe Superviser - Jacquelin Cintura Bryce
Wardrobe Assistant and Assistant Shoe Coordinator - Barbara Lambert
Wig Master - Yancey J. Quick


Ballet West Academy

Director - Peter Christie
School Administrator - Lisa Hoyt
Principal Faculty - Jan Clark Fugit, Jeffrey Rogers, Cati Snarr
Faculty - Victoria Bearden, Nikki Bybee, Shelly Cordova, Heather Fryxell, Ai Fuji Nelson, Lisa Hoyt, 
Lisa Johnson, Gabriella Moore, Jessica Pearson, Anne Marie Smith, Heather Thackeray
Class and Rehearsal Pianists - Grigoriy Ayrapetov, Vilena Barekyan, Jim Kuemmerle